Shakespeare Sonnet Generator

Sonnet #155

by William Shakespeare
I can allege no cause. How vows are in war not, when.
I engraft you new. But wherefore best jewel hung in selling hours.
I toil, still farther off cruel! say thy abundance am forsaken; A.
I know That music hath a will halt, Against thy power to thyself so proud.
I do call my friend? On my breast, From whence at my vows.
I that vex thee still, To niggard truth vainly thinking that audit canst.
Time's best of my heart; Wound me like a double penance, to complain How.
Will' One will of mine, to my verse astonished. He, nor.
I under my transgression bow, Unless change my desire.
I'll live in this poor to the world well beseem thy grace.
These burn'd, Since first conceit of your day by and they with.
These duteous, now reason hunted, and words and errors.
I am blind. O, from what own desert, And this huge rondure.
I, my mistress' thrall, Came there by their excellence. The summer's.
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