Shakespeare Sonnet Generator

Sonnet #155

by William Shakespeare
I think good? No, I am once adieu; Nor dare I in this false.
I, too much profane, should duteous, now the all men as.
Tis held, And perspective it is with the weary travel's end, Doth.
Muses filed. I think good turns eyes even to have bid your true things.
Will' One will of mine, to how thy love thee, who confounds In.
I must strive To know my own love's beauty, blunt thou.
I say, mine eyes be dateless night, And weep to another, Strikes each in.
O thou perceivest, which on thy help lies Where Cupid.
I praise thee? Even for this you.' Poor soul, live your sweet.
December's bareness every where! And yet thou art, therefore.
Scoped this sorrow, Come in the this rich no delight, Save what I read.
Greeing, And to the wound it with thee I taste At first I am blind. O.
Dear my love, you know You purple pride Which on her sake; But.
I should your great deserts what silent love to-day.
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