Shakespeare Sonnet Generator

Sonnet #155

by William Shakespeare
Love A dateless lively heat, still tires are but approve Thy.
April's first-born flowers, and all will, thy side his sickle.
Will.' Thou blind fool, Love, what held, And perspective it works.
I have frequent been with dress'd in our faults assured And.
The purple pride Which on thy this advantage found, And his fear to fears, Still.
I, my sovereign, watch the with my love, but as dark days when.
I, that love and am change their skill, Some in mind. Look.
Time's hate, Weeds among weeds, or apple doth tell.
Sweet roses do not so; Of in these all, or thy husbandry? Or.
I am, now reason is what I suffered in vassalage Thy merit.
O cruel! say thy blood warm when it live. The canker-blooms have confess'd.
Death, that made when thou then thou mightest my feeding And.
I am still with them summer's story of time; For canker.
Love! with beauty being dead, The coward conquest of.
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