Shakespeare Sonnet Generator

Sonnet #155

by William Shakespeare
I in myself respect, That is tears, Distill'd from thee So far from.
I Than niggard truth would willingly can I do not knowing, Or me.
I pine and surfeit day I am, the fragrant rose, Doth spot.
I do but tend Upon the swear it be thou; although my unkindness shaken As.
I suffered in your crime. O, burn'd, Since first conceit of.
I pine and surfeit day filed. I think my love-suit, sweet, fulfil. 'Will.
Time's fell hand defaced The rich swear it not. So shall still with clay, Do.
Love' for eternity, Which prove me. Weary with me when thou.
Adonis, and the counterfeit Is poorly in 'twixt vows are past care, And.
Saturn laugh'd and leap'd with winters shall beauty was not thou forget'st.
I am, and they that burn'd, Since first in death's dateless lively heat.
I alone did call upon his cheek for me I would make love call; All.
I am not thought, To leap held, And perspective it is as tyrannous.
I matter; that enfeebled mine. Farewell! with thee, dear.
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