Shakespeare Sonnet Generator

Sonnet #155

by William Shakespeare
I witness call the fools in my mind! Shall hate after their gazing.
I spur, though mounted on blind fool, though more dying.
I hear and see just swear that hidden in earth am blind. O, from.
Time's fickle glass, his sickle, apple doth give thyself at your epitaph.
I Than niggard truth would willingly once in time leads summer of both And.
Time's love or to Time's every vulgar thief. Thee have.
I am fled From this vile this title is thine, And I love.
I honour most. Great princes' favourites what we two.
Time's scythe can make defence Save despite of your gifts.
I in heaven find: But from wilt thou be forgotten. Your name rehearse. But.
I compare thee to a that which flies before thou steal dead.
I ensconce me here Within the chide, The guilty goddess of orphans and.
I have seen by Time's perfumes is so that sun staineth. Why didst.
Time's love or to Time's winters shall see again, and all-oblivious enmity Shall.
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