Shakespeare Sonnet Generator

Sonnet #155

by William Shakespeare
I thine, Even as when first change is not, To put this powerful rhyme; But.
I under my transgression bow, Unless how hard true soul When.
I to be beloved of I live, as deep a man, Thy proud compare, With.
I do love thee; Till then bareness every vulgar paper to.
Gainst Time's scythe can make not some perfumes is not, To put in thee, Perforce.
I am, now reason is in walls of thee: In others' voices, that time, You.
I none could see But sweet what new to say ''Tis so, love.
I am attainted, That thou in more. Let no more bright than vile.
I love you so That I lying once foil'd, Is from hate.
I in this, Authorizing thy trespass first-born flowers, and moon.
I have astronomy, But not to scythe to misuse thee And.
Dear my great bases for that brightness doth share a time and.
Time's pencil, or my pupil found it is admitted there; Thus far from.
I think good? No, I am in his edge. Some say not glance aside To new-found.
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