Shakespeare Sonnet Generator

Sonnet #155

by William Shakespeare
Will,' If thou art the show it, But that brightness doth lie: That is.
I perhaps compounded am with forfeit, so idly spent; Sing to breed.
I sought, And with old woes his wit, Making his love that keeps thee.
Time's scythe can make defence Save so, the very refuse of my.
Time's chest lie hid? Or what blind fool, Love, what.
I eyed, Such seems your beauty cheek the lie hid? Or what they would.
I shall see thee frown this vile world, unbless some child.
I to none alive, That my saw you see thee fair; more bright.
I who calls me well burn'd, Since first I then my body is, And live.
Junes burn'd, Since first created; Till Nature, as you pace.
I consider every thing that brings forth, That having climb'd the.
Muse, and straight redeem In gentle with my pity-wanting.
Time will come and take blind do with flowers do believe.
I to be beloved of grown common place? Or mine eye more than mine eyes.
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