Shakespeare Sonnet Generator

Sonnet #155

by William Shakespeare
I am confined. Then give me laugh'd and hath the thing I fear, For.
Eve's apple doth spend Shifts but in table of thy monument, When.
I am that I am, wilt not, if I loved her feather'd creatures broke.
Muse Stirr'd by a painted beauty in you did give; That due.
These rebel will come too grossly dyed. The lily I think.
I might see what the burn'd, Since first created; Till Nature.
I am not lame, poor, single life? Ah! if the whole, and thought I not.
I alone did call upon fair that which public means which.
Tis the lesser sin That mine sovereign mistress over wrack, As.
These once unkind abuse. Him have no remembrance what others for the.
I honour most. Great princes' favourites will grind On newer proof.
April dress'd in all his burn'd, Since first I have I not.
Nature, sovereign eye, Kissing with their parts do.
I would be brought, From limits put in this the treasure of the way, When.
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