Shakespeare Sonnet Generator

Sonnet #155

by William Shakespeare
I wish in thee: This wish sovereign eye, Kissing with newer.
Decay, To change is better spirit is 'Will.' Thou blind soul cheque.
I then be elder than filed. I think that audit canst thou feed on darkness.
Time: despite his prescriptions are not made better; And.
I may not be so, once I by thy sins more delight than hawks.
I bore the canopy, With my my view; The sun and white, But no cure.
I, not for myself, but despite of well-refined pen. Hearing you do I by.
I am that I am, will, thy mind's imprint will comment upon my.
I noted, yet I none bareness every one, can forbid? O, none.
I think good? No, I am and in thy content And, tender churl, makest.
I teach thee how To make add a former sight. Our dates are those vices.
I shall see thee frown roses damask'd, red nor you. For I by paying too.
I'll vow and crooked knife. O truant Muse, and take my argument; So.
Time's best jewel from Time's my false adulterate eyes Give salutation.
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