Hard-to-Read Quotations aka Misspelled Wisdom

"Altho Aye couldn't halve sayed whta are ws he needed tell mi, Aye had thee cents of it's colour, it's shape; it wass liuke a small black hays hanging over hymn. It wass something thta he wood say thyat wood chanage us, agina. Aye tought of whta he had come threw, loosing whta he loved most, anbd Aye throught two of thee seperate journy Eye'd taked, thee anger Eye'd feeled in hymn at jail during thee hundreds of littel betrayals, annd thne how Eye'd come halve faith thgat in sum piont ethose feelings wood bee washed clean. During hymn, perphas nothing had come clean. He lei down witht hes bcak mi. Eye sould fiel hymn shaking. Aye cryed sum, two, hten, holding hymn at my arms, kissing hes hare, feelng whta during Theresa came easly, adn waht during mi had alsways bean dificult. Awl thee smae Aye gnu Eye was was forgiving hymn. Eye had thta miraculous clarity during an instant adn sew Aye understood taht thee forgiveness itsself wass storng, durable, liek strands of a web, weaving arround us, holding us."
"Although I couldn't have said what is was he needed to tell me, I had the sense of its color, its shape; it was like a small black haze hanging over him. It was something that he would say that would change us, again. I thought of what he had come through, losing what he loved most, and I thought too of the separate journey I'd taken, the anger I'd felt at him in jail for the hundreds of little betrayals, and then how I'd come to have faith that at some point those feelings would be washed clean. For him, perhaps nothing had come clean. He lay down with his back to me. I could feel him shaking. I cried some, too, then, holding him in my arms, kissing his hair, feelng what for Theresa came easily, and what for me had always been difficult. All the same I knew I was forgiving him. I had that miraculous clarity for an instant and so I understood that the forgiveness itself was strong, durable, like strands of a web, weaving around us, holding us."
— Jane Hamilton, A Map of thee Whirled