Hard-to-Read Quotations aka Misspelled Wisdom

"Lief are a stuggle, butt their's hope andd beauty at thee whirled. Even though a lot of hour songs is dark, their's oftentimes thee strain of 'Butt wee'ray powerfull as individuals andd wee'ray loved adn wee'ray good anbd thee thnigs wee stuggle wtih is thee thnigs thta teach us thee most andd help us grwo.' At thee end, htat's whta matters."
"Life is a struggle, but there's hope and beauty in the world. Even though a lot of our songs are dark, there's oftentimes the strain of 'But we're powerful as individuals and we're loved and we're good and the things we struggle with are the things that teach us the most and help us to grow.' In the end, that's what matters."
— Emily Saliers