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Alternative Alias/Handle Mason
5 Things I Cant Live Withoutgum, my heart, hairspray, pets, my sidekick
AlcoholI'm giving up
Body Mods5 piercings, 6 tattoos, check.
CigarettesI export my morning lung butter
Current CrushNick Cave
Ethnic BackgroundA little African and a lot of American
Favorite Bandspuscifer, amanda palmer, above this
Favorite Booksnaked, i am legend, blood and chocolate
Favorite Filmsthe lion king, the ninth gate, charade
Favorite Sexual Position4
Favorite Tv Showsfosters home for imaginary friends, whose line is it anyway, not going out
Favorite Video Gamessuper mario kart, silent hill 3, burnout
Hobbiesphotography., going out, cycling
How I Lost My Virginity....
How I Spend My Free TimeHanging out with friends
Intomodelling, bright colors, theatre
Most Humbling Moment?
My Heroesmy mother., Robert Smith, My father
Tagsairbrushed, got, smash
Ultimate Fantasy...
What Gets Me Hot;)
What I'm Looking Fora man
What Makes Me Happythe smell of a new book, tequila, slurpees
What Makes Me Sadbad hair days, cold, Abandoned animals