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Alternative Alias/Handle Monik
5 Things I Cant Live Withoutbooks, paint, heart, chai, and love.
Body Modstongue, see for yourself, double tongue
Current CrushEminem
Ethnic Background1/2 Jamaican, 1/2 Romanian
Favorite Bandscrass, volbeat, birds of tokyo
Favorite Booksangels and demons, historical fiction, hollywood babylon
Favorite Filmsigby goes down, rob zombie films, my blueberry nights
Favorite Sexual PositionWouldn't you like to know.
Favorite Tv Showsstar trek, hellsing, most haunted
Favorite Video Gamesmirror's edge, sing star, ape escape
Hobbieslaughing, friends, computers
How I Lost My Virginitycan i have yours?
How I Spend My Free Timemaking things
Intoflea markets, gaming, voyeurism
Most Humbling Momentdont remember
My HeroesMarilyn Monroe, Batman, Alton Brown
Tagsnature, bridge, jupiter
Ultimate FantasyHehehe
What Gets Me Hotprotruding hip bones
What I'm Looking Forwhoever comes along
What Makes Me Happydinosaurs, freckles, white
What Makes Me Sadignorance, oppression, when other people are sad.