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Alternative Alias/Handle Naville
5 Things I Cant Live Withoutbottled water, dog, my glasses., caffiene, work.
AlcoholI'm giving up
Body Modsmedusa, none, stars
CigarettesTrying to quit
Current CrushGlitch
Ethnic BackgroundA little Egyptian and a lot of Filipino
Favorite Bandscake, everclear, passion pit
Favorite Bookscatch 22, for one more day, the bible
Favorite Filmsdark crystal, 3, jarhead
Favorite Sexual Positiondoggy style.
Favorite Tv Showscurb your enthusiasm, buffy, the west wing
Favorite Video Gamesmonkey island, mario bross, bust a move
Hobbiesguitar, Acting, Piano
How I Lost My Virginityon a waterbed
How I Spend My Free TimeHanging out with friends
Intoalcohol, DIY, grammar
LocationNew Jersey
Most Humbling Momentdont remember
My HeroesAnnie Sprinkle, me, Iron Man
Tagsleopard print, dress up, sweet nectar of the gods
Ultimate Fantasyfreedom
What Gets Me Hotbite marks
What I'm Looking Forwhoever comes along
What Makes Me Happycynicism, hot tea, mail
What Makes Me Sadworking, lack of communication, Being away from home.