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Alternative Alias/Handle Feyne
5 Things I Cant Live Withoutmy bed, blackberry, jewelry, my love, my lungs
Body Modsseptum, tattoo, back piece
CigarettesTrying to start
Current CrushJon Snow
Ethnic Background1/2 Danish, 1/2 European
Favorite Bandsd'espairs ray, paradise lost, christina aguilera
Favorite Booksfables, hearts in atlantis, the plague
Favorite Filmsakira, the ninth gate, suicide kings
Favorite Sexual PositionGirl on top in control!
Favorite Tv Showstop gear, frisky dingo, dollhouse
Favorite Video Gamespac man, dance dance revolution, prince of persia
Hobbiesthinking, napping, meditation
How I Lost My Virginityand?
How I Spend My Free Timegoing to shows
Intobody art, making people smile, ebay
Most Humbling Momentright now
My HeroesEdie Sedgwick, my parents., al capone
Tagsthe cramps, just wow, red shirt
Ultimate FantasyI
What Gets Me Hotblue eyes
What I'm Looking Fora woman
What Makes Me Happysolitude, thrift stores, disposable cameras
What Makes Me Sadfighting, headaches, unhappy people