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Alternative Alias/Handle Boom
5 Things I Cant Live Withoutlove, family, good music, good friends, films
Body Modsbelly button, 89, not enough
CigarettesTrying to quit
Current Crushmy boy
Ethnic BackgroundAmerican Indian, Arab, Austrian, French Canadian...
Favorite Bandsmaroon 5, the academy is..., nightmares on wax
Favorite Booksjthm, walking dead, morning glories
Favorite Filmshedwig and the angry inch, sabrina, tommy boy
Favorite Sexual Positionhmmm....
Favorite Tv Showsc.s.i., claymore, nashville
Favorite Video Gamesspyro the dragon, brain age, jet set radio future
Hobbiesguitar, comics, coloring my hair
How I Lost My VirginityFact.
How I Spend My Free Timemodeling
Intosurfing, passion, bows
Most Humbling Momentright now.
My HeroesBill Hicks, Hunter S. Thompson, artists
Tagsperfect butt, censored, ontario
Ultimate FantasyFinal
What Gets Me Hotteasing
What I'm Looking Forwhoever comes along
What Makes Me Happynew shoes, SG, new books
What Makes Me Sadstupid people, Roadkill, everything