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Alternative Alias/Handle Kacy
5 Things I Cant Live Withoutdreams, ink, my truck, accessories, Energy
AlcoholI'm giving up
Body Modsbelly piercing, Lots of tattoos, belly.
Current CrushMusic
Ethnic BackgroundA little Czechoslovakian and a lot of Dominican
Favorite Bandsnekromantix, purity ring, crosses
Favorite Booksvonnegut, catcher and the rye, morning glories
Favorite Filmswild at heart, donny darko, chopper
Favorite Sexual PositionYes.
Favorite Tv Showsthe it crowd, riget, tim and eric's awesome show
Favorite Video Gameshalo 2, tony hawk, tales of symphonia
HobbiesTattoo, skate, eat
How I Lost My Virginitya long
How I Spend My Free Timeknitting
Intomovie nights, soft sheets, djing
Most Humbling Momentlife
My HeroesGwen Stefani, my momma., Jack Bauer
Tagsold school, cute nipples, lost
Ultimate Fantasyw
What Gets Me Hotblood
What I'm Looking Fora woman
What Makes Me Happydrinking, sleeping., a clean house
What Makes Me Sadthe news, Ignorant people, People.