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Alternative Alias/Handle Trinkie
5 Things I Cant Live Withoutanimals, clothes, pencil, photography, chap stick
AlcoholI have black lungs by now
Body Modslip ring, snake bites, 6 tattoos
CigarettesTrying to quit
Current Crushhe knows who he is
Ethnic BackgroundGuatemalan Mom + Hmong Dad = 100% Alternative
Favorite Bandskillswitch engage, the police, alien vampires
Favorite Booksficciones, drugs & cocoa puffs, hollywood
Favorite Filmshedwig and the angry inch, bridget jones diary, the blind side
Favorite Sexual Position:)
Favorite Tv Showsmurder she wrote, flapjack, battlestar gallactica
Favorite Video Gamescod, rift, brutal legend
Hobbiesart, surfing, fashion
How I Lost My Virginity...
How I Spend My Free Timeplaying video games
Intonature, making clothes, playing guitar
Most Humbling MomentEveryday
My HeroesMom., Hunter S. Thompson, Beyonce
Tagsjeans, zebra, sg worthy
Ultimate Fantasy...
What Gets Me HotBlankets
What I'm Looking Forwhoever comes along
What Makes Me Happytraveling, kittens, everything
What Makes Me Sadbeing alone, violence against animals, disrespect