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Alternative Alias/Handle Euforia
5 Things I Cant Live Withoutmy toothbrush, my job, my motorcycle, sparkling water, Clothing
Body Modsa few piercings, 14 tattoos, two lip rings
CigarettesI'm giving up
Current CrushYou!
Ethnic BackgroundAmerican, Cuban, Pennsylvania German, Swedish...
Favorite Bandssubrosa, genitorturers, sonata arctica
Favorite Booksloose girl, life after god, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy series
Favorite Filmsnightmare before christmas, the little mermaid, annie hall
Favorite Sexual Position:)
Favorite Tv Showsdiscovery channel, star trek tng, ninja warrior
Favorite Video Gamesfinal fantasy series, super mario kart, ocarina of time
Hobbiesmodelling, skateboarding, hooping
How I Lost My Virginityon a waterbed
How I Spend My Free Timereading
Intomaking out, daydreaming, Peircings
LocationVirgin Islands
Most Humbling Momentdont remember
My HeroesLara Croft, Noam Chomsky, Tyler Durden
Tags great feet, fragile, grunge
Ultimate FantasyWell
What Gets Me Hotpillow talk
What I'm Looking Forwhoever comes along
What Makes Me Happysharks, solitude, Candys
What Makes Me Sadcheaters, sad faces, electric stoves