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Alternative Alias/Handle Nena
5 Things I Cant Live Withoutmy friends, my cats, chai, warmth., my body
AlcoholTrying to quit
Body Modsmedusa, 8 Tattoos, too many to count
CigarettesI have black lungs by now
Current Crushno one
Ethnic BackgroundA little American Indian and a lot of Asian
Favorite Bandsthe faint, inxs, bone thugs
Favorite Booksthe stand, the fountainhead, the looking glass wars
Favorite Filmslords of dogtown, big, coming to america
Favorite Sexual Positionwouldn't you like to know...
Favorite Tv Showshappy tree friends, american ugly, made
Favorite Video Gamesworld of warcraft, folklore, kingdom hearts 2
Hobbiesmodeling, poetry, taking my clothes off
HometownLos Angeles
How I Lost My Virginitybut I still have the box it came in.
How I Spend My Free Timethinking
Intosnowboarding, hats, getting drunk
Most Humbling Momentevery day
My HeroesCarl Sagan, No heroes, Iron Man
Tagsbathtub, small, tmh
Ultimate FantasyLove.
What Gets Me Hotcandels
What I'm Looking Forsomeone exotic
What Makes Me Happyice cream, my new friends, letters
What Makes Me Sadloneliness, stray animals, rudeness