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Alternative Alias/Handle Six
5 Things I Cant Live Withoutsunshine, the internet, sugar, warmth., my body
AlcoholI have black lungs by now
Body Modsseptum, tounge, nipple ring
Cigarettes420 only
Current CrushI don't crush
Ethnic Background1/2 Albanian, 1/2 Asian
Favorite Bandsween, lynyrd skynyrd, oh land
Favorite Booksthe virgin suicides, lewis carroll, ubik
Favorite Filmsthere will be blood, hedwig, better off dead
Favorite Sexual Positionbetter left unsaid
Favorite Tv Showschapelle's show, x-men, that 70 show
Favorite Video Gameshalf life, sonic the hedgehog 2, video games
Hobbiesinternet, cooking., Partying
HometownNew Orleans
How I Lost My VirginityWhen I was 16
How I Spend My Free Timethinking
Intoadventure, booze, amazing friends
Most Humbling Momentevery day
My HeroesHenry Rollins, Jesus, Kurt Vonnegut
Tagsperfect sleeve, couture, gunslinger
Ultimate Fantasyw
What Gets Me Hotsideburns
What I'm Looking Fora woman
What Makes Me Happychocolate, making new friends, animals...
What Makes Me Sadabuse, backstabbing, cancer